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Distance Learning Courses

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Distance learning courses consist of three major parts:

Lesson Modules:  Information supplied by us to yourself to be studied, which include your written assignments.

Assignments:  Written work and projects to be completed after studying each module.

Returned Assignments and comments:  Your tutor comprehensively reviews your assignments, and returns them to you, corrected as appropriate.  With the  return of your marked assignments you will receive the answers to any queries you have raised and any additional suggestions your tutor feels would be helpful.

We also offer three additional facilities not available from other distance learning providers:

Online lectures: Throughout the academic year lectures are given online, so that students with access to the internet can participate in group discussions and receive additional tuition.  Lectures are text-based, with all participation taking place in real time.  Copies of the lecture can be downloaded upon completion and kept for reference. 

Lectures in London: Regularly throughout the academic year we hold general journalism lectures for our tutorial students.  Journalism distance learning students may reserve places and attend these if they wish.  There is no charge - but booking is essential. 

Student Bulletin Board: For intra-student discussions (with occasional tutor moderation), password protected to ensure access is only available to our students.If you wish to see an example, visit our Student pages by transferring to our other web-site

We also offer students a choice in the method of delivery of modules and assignments.

Standard courses (UK and Overseas) (Increased pricing because of postal costs)
All assignments, modules and returned assignments are dispatched by first class mail within the UK or by airmail to overseas students.

Online Courses (Standard price structure):
All assignments, modules and returned assignments are delivered electronically.  Students download modules from their own secure page in the Student section of the website, and send their completed work by email to the school.  Returned work is sent to the student either as simple email, or as an Adobe .pdf file email attachment (which allows handwritten corrections to individual manuscripts by your tutor).


Students may take up to two years to complete their course - on average students take less time than this. Students set their own timetable and the School will not pressurise you to meet any particular deadline.

Diplomas and Certificates

For all Journalism courses a Diploma is awarded where the student has achieved a satisfactory standard, a Diploma with Distinction is awarded where a student has achieved a consistently high standard of work, and an Honours Diploma is awarded to those who have shown outstanding ability and expertise. For the Creative Writing and General courses a certificate is issued upon completion of the course in those cases where a student's work has been satisfactory.

Tuition and course notes

All tuition is provided by LSJ Tutors Ltd. The printed course notes are supplied by The London School of Journalism Ltd. All course notes supplied to you by the LSJ are delivered direct, on your behalf, to LSJ Tutors Ltd., who are responsible for all course administration and information delivery. The quoted fee for any individual course covers the full cost of the provision of both services.

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